About Us

During the boom of the Cryptocurrency market, DGX has become a household name. We strive to be the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading. DGX provides leading technology and platform in the digital world of Cryptocurrency. Our trading software will allow you to manage and execute transactions with more than 800 cryptocurrency pairs on one platform. At DGX our team of highly experienced Crypto-specialists is available to assist you when making your financial decision.

Our Vision

DGX delivers the best as we believe you deserve it! Our purpose is to stand out and be the greatest Digital Coin Contract broker in the industry. Here at DGX, we will use our strength of market knowledge and expertise in order to assist you when growing your financial portfolio, with service you can trust! DGX welcomes beginners and expert traders! If you are new in the Digital Coin trading business, our service and Crypto-specialists are available to assist you. DGX takes pride in working with you in getting a simple yet profitable trading experience because that is what we deliver. We have created an educational center for our traders so that they can increase their knowledge and learn more about the Cryptocurrency markets in order to be successful in their task. DGX makes available educational videos, face-to-face trading sessions, eBooks and other options that help our traders learn and understand the Cryptocurrency markets. Digital Gold exchange acknowledge that a well astute trader has a higher percentage to succeed in the markets, as compared to the one who is just following someone else’s path.

What’s different about us?

From expert professional assistance to 24/5 support, we are one of the most preferred Cryptocurrency brokers in the market. We have everything you need, be it market leading trading platform with all the tools or the resources used at the top tiers or a group of intellectuals who are here to guide you, we have the best combination.

Our Team

We are among the few Cryptocurrency trading platforms to be recognized globally. Our team has a desire and passion to deliver quality service to the traders. With over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience our dedicated team is here to assist you, please feel free to get in touch with the team via telephone, in person, chat or email.